4pets Easy Steps

4pets PRO Crash-Tested Dog Cages

We're very lucky to be the UK and Irish distributors for 4pets of Switzerland. We think their PRO crash-tested dog cages are the best on the market - they're really good looking and have numerous ease of use features to complement their fundamental strength.

Most cages are only designed to contain a dog, to stop it getting into the driver's area. They'll provide no protection to the humans in the vehicle except in a slow speed collision, and no protection to the dog either. The 4pets PRO range, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, will protect both humans and dogs, thanks to the use of energy-absorbing materials and intelligent design, all tested and approved by the German TÜV..

4pets PRO dog cage, size 1

Suitable for small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, smaller Terriers and Toy breeds.

4pets PRO dog cage, size 2. M/L
from £324.95

Suitable for medium sized breeds such as Border Collies, Whippets, Cocker Spaniels and larger Terriers.

4pets PRO dog cage, size 3. S/M/L
from £349.95

Suitable for medium breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers and Springer Spaniels.

4pets PRO dog cage, size 4. S/M/L
from £399.95

Suitable for medium to large dogs such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Irish Setters.

4pets PRO dog cage, size 22. M/L
from £514.95

Suitable for 2 small to medium dogs or larger breeds.

4pets Easy Steps
from £174.95

Whether you have a puppy, a fully grown dog or an older dog, Easy Steps enables them to climb in and out of the car effortlessly and painlessly.

4pets Crash Bag
from £54.95

The innovative Crash-Bag provides additional protection for your dog in case of emergency breaking or in an accident. The Crash-Bag is easily attached to the back panel of your dog crate.

4pets Scratch Guard
from £44.95

The Scratch-Guard protects your car’s bumper from scratches and dirt and is compatible with every 4pets ProLine dog cage.

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